The Strategy To Build A Business

Do and build the business are a main gate to get a success in business. To build a business not every act or step can get money or profit right away, so be careful in every step you take in build a business.

You need to have the courage to face the challenge either from inside or outside. Your courage specified with your ability to reduce your fear and your own mind.

Ability or capability, you must have ability to arrange the strategy plan, skill, and strong motivation to reach your goal also the ability to do the control of your finance.

Creativity, you need to have a creativity to survive, and face the competition.
Consistent, consistent with your vision, ambition to reach the success.

If you want to build a business, the first step is a focus. You have to focus to the business you will do. Do not start a new business in the same time (two kind of business in the same time).

Think of the problem you will face, think of the problem means do the risk management because there are a risk in every activity you done. Good entrepreneur always ready with all the risk who maybe happen someday.

Use your intelligence, the intelligence you should have to build your business are :

The verbal intelligence
Your ability to speak up or have a good communication closely associated with your success in business.

The math intelligence
This ability can see how you get the number with the good skill. To build a business, this skill is very needed to read the financial reports and make a financial planning.

Interpersonal intelligence
Your ability in communication, negotiation, give effect and encouraging others. People who building their business must have an ability to selling, negotiation, and encouraging others to do what we like or want, either to selling or an order to their employee.

The entrepreneurial intelligence
This type of intelligence is an ability to choose the target market, collect the information to produce goods and services that can be sold and give the profit to you.

Build a business is a way to be a millionaire than become a employee.

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The importance of customer service!

Customer Service is important and sometimes by people who disepelekan transaction sales and bidding of a product. Indeed, it is sometimes easy for someone, but sometimes becomes a matter which is difficult even for complex seseorang.Bagi us in the course of business, sales and marketing course knows that the customer is extraordinary is that customers are able mereferensikan (invite) other new customers so he choose the products or services that we offer. To be able to create this course, customer service has an important role.

Contohlah like this: Some days ago, I just seek to purchase the number of service IM2 Broom Unlimited. I realize that for the first time this number is not easily obtained because of lonjakkan request. Number of the purchased price bandrol by Indosat 150rb at this, generally, if we find in some stores a few months ago, even with the price can be obtained only 120rb saja.

Indeed, here the law and request a quote valid, when the demand is high while the goods are offered not as a request, it is happening is the occurrence of scarcity of goods in the market and move prices rise because goods are empty. Be the first number I buy these at 150rb.

Well, the interesting thing here is related to customer service is like this. Day friday right after I returned from my office, I immediately go to a shopping center in the Gatot Subroto. I just go directly IM2 Customer Center, there appeared to prime IM2 out and greeted me with a friendly there. I was then asked where in this building I can get perdananya, and then I was told in the central purchasing a mobile phone shop that is famous in Jakarta (Oke Shop) is located 1 floor of IM2 Customer Center. Learning is good here even though I do not buy goods because the goods out there, but the customer service personnya want to give information, and of course this example of good customer service!

In fact when I went to Oke Shop, there shall be found if the goods are not there also. More - more customer service is going good. So not surprisingly Oke Shop can be one of a growing business in Indonesia. Shop by Oke Finally, I also direferensikan to a store that is near the Giant precisely.

Is the interesting thing happened. After the treatment I get 2x customer service is good, then this is an example of customer service can be a learning materials for all of us. Thank you once because of this incident so I can learn about customer service. When I ask the customer service, I was told that the price is 150rb, happy of course i get the goods you are looking for and the price in accordance with bandrol. I was then close to the ATM's there to immediately take the money because when the accident does not carry cash and money in the counter is not able to debit transactions.

Interestingly after taking the money and I want to pay, arrived - arrived only the seller said that the price changes to 175rb. I was certainly surprised. Lho koq bisa? With entengnya he said this program is new again. I also ask - ask again in the heart of the new program? And then I is shown with a copy of the note price change, but written with ballpoint 150rb color stacked another 150 digit number with 175. I also realize this is certainly at the time I take the money in the ATM. Finally, I shall not be buying there. Not because 25rbnya difference, but because I feel a need to provide a good learning about customer service and integrity. Because I feel like this is created - created.

Maybe you all had experienced things like this may be even worse again. But my point here is, what make us win in small things but for our long-term losers. With conditions like this happens then people may not promote a positive thing for business, products and services but we promote the negative. Khan too with the process we have to do to build the image of our past. Yuk let us start this day the same - the same study to improve our customer service ...